Custom Orthotics

Complete Foot and Ankle provides state of the art custom foot orthotics.  We evaluate the patients foot type, pathology and shoe gear to prescribe the orthotics that will fit in shoes and relieve discomfort. The use of a dynamic scanner to evaluate ones functioning foot type and an exact impression of the foot sent to a lab which uses the highest quality materials ensures the best orthotic possible.

Orthotics differ in size function and materials. An athlete needs a different device than a diabetic patient or an elderly patient with arthritis. Matching a patients foot type and shoe gear to a device and providing the correct ratio of cushion to support is necessary for a good fit.

At Complete Foot and Ankle we pride ourselves on keeping our patients pain free and active. Orthotics are one option that are often very successful. Private insurance companies have began covering orthotics more and more and we would be happy to preauthorize coverage at your request.