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Do you or a loved one have any questions/concerns about Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Open Wounds on the Bottom of Your Feet? We are here to help answer your questions. Wounds are one of the most common conditions treated by our physicians at Complete Foot and Ankle. Our physicians at Complete Foot and Ankle are well trained in the newest, minimally-invasive surgical techniques to treat painful ulcers and wounds. Please sign up below if you’re interested in joining our study. Thank you

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Hey Doctor Jake Reinkraut coming to you from Saint Michael’s hospital today talking about wounds. A lot of people are a little confused about what type of wounds we are talking about. I want to inform you about the different types of wounds when we say diabetic foot wounds it’s usually a pressure wound. It can be from infection or stepping on something but a diabetic wound is usually pressure and it’s basically the wound of the foot in a diabetic so pressure wounds because often times they don’t feel things as well. Another type of wound is a venous stasis ulcer that’s from swelling swollen legs when you see dry dark skin around the ankles often times from swollen legs and we get little wounds the skin is stretched out a little crack can turn into a wound and those can be difficult to heal. We do specialize in both diabetic and venous stasis ulcers another type of ulcer we see more in a bed bound patient is pressure ulcers so back of the heel just from the pressure of your leg as a foot doctor I don’t treat sacral, but sometimes on the behind you know the back of your hip people get wounds there even the back of their neck people that aren’t able to move. I’m sure you have heard of the Christopher Reeves story you know just pressure can cause wounds it can even cause infections even with the best of care. We are also doing a study if you or anybody you know has any foot or ankle issues we are doing a study on diabetic foot ulcers and venous stasis leg ulcers some very new options that we are happy to explain be well.

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