You’re on your feet all day, and by the time you prop them up on the couch, they ache. You’re not alone: Nearly 85% of the population has foot problems or pain. At Complete Foot and Ankle in Ridgewood and Newark, New Jersey, the team of podiatrists offer medical pedicures, a solution to tired, aching feet. With this procedure, Dr. Jacob Reinkraut, Dr. Michelle Suh; and Danny Gomez, DPM, FACFAS, examine the biomechanics of your feet while correcting your nails and offering advice on things like arch support and bunion aligners. If you’re curious about this innovative treatment, call or schedule your appointment online today.

Medical Pedicure Q & A

Who can benefit from a medical pedicure?

Anyone with tired, achy feet can benefit from a medical pedicure, but those who have neuropathy or struggle to reach their feet due to limited mobility reap the most benefits.

If you have other foot issues, such as bunions, hammertoe, or ingrown toenails, medical pedicures not only make your feet look and feel better, they may also improve your condition or slow its progression.

Unlike cosmetic pedicures you get in a salon, people opt for medi-pedis when they need foot care beyond what they can accomplish at home.

What happens during a medical pedicure?

When you have a medical pedicure at Complete Foot and Ankle, the Spa is overseen by the physicians, and the spa treatments focuse on the care of your toenails and the skin on your feet. Similar to a standard pedicure, they may trim your toenails and file dry skin.

What makes a medi-pedi different is that it can address any issues with your feet, toes, and skin. Your doctor at Complete Foot and Ankle can use it to address minor issues like dry skin and calluses or more serious issues like foot ulcers and lack of circulation.

If you have neuropathy, caused by diabetes or nerve issues, regularly scheduled medical pedicures are an essential part of your routine health maintenance.

Because of the lack of feeling, those with neuropathy have a higher risk of skin damage on their feet. When the foot’s skin becomes damaged, it can’t perform its job, and you’re more at risk for infection, injury, and bacterial or fungal growth.

What can you do at home to improve the condition of your feet?

During your medical pedicure at Complete Foot and Ankle, your podiatrist counsels you on proper foot care. They may teach you the right way to cut your toenails or advise you on the best footwear.

If you have issues with your feet, such as fungal infections or odor, they discuss methods for eliminating them. If you have diabetes or neuropathy in your feet, your doctor explains the importance of daily foot checks to ensure your feet stay healthy and safe.

They may also recommend specific products to help with any foot ailments you currently have, including calluses, dry skin, or bunions.

To learn more about medi-pedis or to schedule your initial consultation, call the board-certified and fellowship-trained team at Complete Foot and Ankle or book your appointment online.