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EPAT is a shockwave. It is a pulse that is delivered to the foot or ankle to stimulate the healing process. Please sign up below if you’re interested in the procedure.

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Hi Dr. Jake Reinkraut from Complete Foot and Ankle answering your question about EPAT. What is it? How does it work? What does it cost? Happy to answer the questions for you. EPAT is a shockwave. It is a pulse that is delivered to the foot or ankle and any area of plantar fasciitis which it is most commonly used for.

It is a little uncomfortable and it is not severly painfull. We taper it to your comfort level. It is supposed to be a little uncomfortable; you might feel some pounding in that little area of discomfort so it is not going to be completely painless, but you do not feel severe pain. Treatment is once a a week for three weeks; if necessary, we do a fourth one and no charge. It does cost $600 dollar for the treatment. The treatment takes about ten to fifteen minutes. We also talk about other conservative measures that you should be doing to heal.

What EPAT does and how it works…. It irritates something (a chronic injury) something that is bothering you for a while. It takes the chronic injury and makes it acute. Acute meaning new or irritated, purposely irritating the tissue to make the body restart the healing cascade of growth factors and healing factors to heal you naturally. This is a little different from anti-inflammatories. It is requested that you do not take Advil, Aleve, Naproxen, or even baby Aspirin while going to this treatment. It actually stops the healing factors.

We want to simulate it, make the body know that it is injured and make the body heal it. We also talk about other conservative techniques, such as, stretching and massage to help this also. We’re happy to discuss this further. If you have questions please send a message, email or call the office. Stay well bye.

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